About 2 years ago we created our version of a testing manifesto, as a quick summary of the mindset you should adopt when thinking about agile testing. We thought it was pretty cool 🙂 Apparently so did many others, and the slide we had has been retweeted and added to many presentations since then. We recently redid the slide to be a bit nicer and more visually appealing:


This was a huge success and even got translated into french!


French Test Manifesto

Feel free to use the above images – please give us credit 🙂



BookAT-150x150This book includes a collection of workshops to help teams grasp these principles and adopt an agile testing mindset. It’s not just for testers. A key part of agile testing is that the whole team is involved, so we always run these workshops with everyone in the team.

If your team is ready for the next level we highly recommend running through the workshops in this book, it will teach them a number of simple but valuable techniques to help prevent bugs and dramatically increase the quality of your products.

You can download a free sample of the book here: https://leanpub.com/AgileTesting


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